Laser Skin Tightening

Did you know that our body reduces the production of collagen and elastin after the age of 30 that helps holding our muscle? Many people have sagging muscles that they want to get it in shape and have a firmer appearance. Loose skin can make you appear wrinkled and older in age. However this problem can be easily solved with laser skin tightening.
The low intensity, safe laser energy can be used to tighten muscle on any part of our body and have a more chiseled look.

The laser energy just targets the layers of the skin to improve the production of collagen and treat wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. The elastin and collagen production also helps in improving the tone and texture of your skin.
The heat produced in the laser skin tightening process at Medic8 Clinic does not produce a lot of pain or discomfort. It is non-surgical and a non-invasive method that is a part of the cosmetic procedures used today. All you need to know is that the procedure is practically painless.
You need to go in for a lot of sessions of 45 to 90 minutes over a period of months to get the results you are looking for and you have to be really patient. Our team of trained doctors with the help of Reaction laser machine will first see if the laser energy is working to lift the muscles in the area you want. With some regular sessions, you can see the most fruitful results.
Most treatment sessions at Medic8 Clinic are spaced few days or even weeks apart to get better results. When going for your sessions make sure you remove all the make-up, oil, sunscreen or any other substance to avoid any skin problems later. After a laser skin tightening session, the patient can immediately return to work as it is a painless method.