Chiropractic Laser Therapy

Chiropractic laser therapy uses low intensity laser energy to treat degenerative, chronic as well as musculoskeletal injuries in your body. The advanced laser technology uses super-luminous laser diodes of specific wavelengths to treat tissue with photon energy in chiropractic treatment.

What happens is that these particles of laser energy are absorbed by the cell mitochondria that produce a fuel called ATP. Chiropractic Laser therapy increases the amount of ATP and accelerates the body’s natural healing process.
The laser energy used for chiropractic treatment does not heat or cut tissues as popularly believed. Non-thermal laser therapy is non-toxic and non-invasive in nature and doesn’t harm our tissues. The laser therapy will not hurt as cold lasers are used that doesn’t produce any discomfort. It provides no sensation on your skin and cause pain.
The number of treatments always depends on the individual patient’s problem. This therapy should also be avoided in pregnancy. You must know that the healing effect of the laser energy keeps working even after the treatment gets stopped. You don’t have to do anything aside getting the chiropractic laser therapy at Medic8 Clinic.
Our professional chiropractors are well-trained and experienced in using the Viora V30 laser machine aptly to produce cold lasers for the chiropractic treatment. Before you start your treatment here, you need to provide your medical history and any medications that you are currently taking. This is to make sure that the treatment is effective for the desired results and any photo-sensitive medicines can cause hyper-sensitivity when combined with laser treatments.
Our powerful Viora V30 laser machine uses modern technology and is a top-quality therapeutic device. It uses superluminous diodes with low intensity lasers to treat a lot of medical conditions with efficiency. We have the best Chiropractors in practice to provide you really effective laser powered chiropractic treatment to accelerate your healing process.